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prof. dr hab. Bohdan Dobrzański Jr. - President
prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Ślipek - V-President
prof. dr hab. Janusz Laskowski - V-President
prof. dr hab. Teresa Włodarczyk - Secretary
dr hab. inż Jerzy Rejman, prof. IA PAN - Treasurer
prof. dr hab. Jerzy Bieniek - Member
prof. dr hab. Ryszard Siuda - Member

     The Polish Society of Agrophysics (PSA) is a professional and technical organization dedicated to the advancement of social, scientific and educational activity in agrophysics as well as to extension of results of research in the interest of national economy. The activity of the society is focused on: physics and physicochemistry of soil environment, physical processes in soil, physical properties of plants and crops, physical properties of foods, physical processes connected with harvesting, cleaning, drying, handling and storing of plant products.
The goals of the Society are fulfilled by:
     Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Lublin, PSA comprises over 360 members, among whom over 150 hold title of professor.
     In the last nine years the Society grown to ten branches in major scientific centers in Poland, where agrophysical investigations are performed (Fig. 1.). Every year branches organize meetings, seminaries and methodic symposia also for young scientists.

Fig. 1. Location of PSA branches in Poland

     Up till now the society has organized nine national and international conferences with over 1400 participants (115 of them from 29 countries outside Poland). Summaries of the reports were published in proceedings while the majority of full texts were published in International Agrophysics and Acta Agrophysica. Current information on the activity is spread through Information Bulletin of the PSA.
     Statute of the PSA allows residents out of Poland to join the society. Annual due levied on a calendar year basis is 10$. One of the member benefits is discounted meeting and conference registration fees.

Photo. 1. Scientific Convention of PSA 2008

Corresponding Members of Polish Agrophysics Society

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